Facebook Marketing for Home Inspectors

Facebook marketing

Home inspectors are very necessary in real estate deals or insurance appraisals. They analyse the structure and the utilities networks in a building, looking for flaws, potential damages and hidden faults. Given the importance of their job, it would seem that all home inspector businesses should be successful. The reality is that many of them are failing. To turn around their situation, these businesses need to be more active in looking for clients, using Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing for Home Inspectors Can Take Your Business to Unexpected Heights

The reality is that leaving your business card at real estate agencies and insurance firms front desks is no longer effective. Dozens other home inspectors do the same thing. Faced with so many choices, both agencies and homeowners ask the same thing: which one of them can I trust?

Facebook marketing will help your business give prospective clients the reason they need to trust you and hire you to evaluate their property. First of all, let’s see why of all digital marketing channels you should pick Facebook.

Facebook Is the New Google and Yelp for All Businesses

Individuals and businesses are no longer happy with a Google search to find products and services they need. All the answers they get do not contain a critical aspect: reliability. For consumer goods, there are specialised sites like Yelp, where clients leave reviews for various companies.

But there is something even better and farther reaching: Facebook. This social media platform has the largest number of active users – both individual and businesses. This is where many private consumers and business buyers look for product and service suppliers that have reliable recommendations. These recommendations usually come from their own network of friends and acquaintances.

How Can You Use Facebook Marketing to Grow Your Home Inspector Business?

In short, Facebook is the best online alternative to word of mouth. Now, let us show you how to make your business known to prospects and win their trust.

1. Share Your Expertise in Videos and Articles

A Facebook page is your own public billboard where you can show your followers that you are a professional home inspector. You can do this in several ways:

  • Share videos of actual inspections (of course, with the homeowners’ approval);
  • Create checklists for prospective buyers to know what to look for and what questions to ask when they view a property;
  • Details some of the problems in a building with the highest risk of leading to expensive repairs.

This type of posts serves two valuable purposes. One, they show that you are knowledgeable in your field. Two, people appreciate receiving free advice and will be more favourably inclined to take up an offer from you.

2. Join Relevant Groups

Facebook now allows pages to create and join groups. For example, you can join realtors’ groups, or groups created by prospective home buyers. In a group, members ask questions and look for recommendations.

You can demonstrate your expertise by answering some questions and sharing links from your own website. Thus, you will be able to generate a steady flow of leads, who are likely to become your clients.

3. Invest in Facebook Ads

Of course, you cannot rely only on organic traffic from your Facebook page to find new clients for your home inspector business. After all, your competitors are also investing in Facebook marketing strategies to capture leads.

Facebook ads can be very efficient and cost effective. You can target users who fit your ideal customer’s profile and aim for various results, such as:

  • Growing awareness for your business
  • Finding leads and subscribers
  • Promoting your special offers.

4. Find Out What Your Clients Want

Your Facebook page and group can help you learn more about your prospects: what they want, what their fears and problems are, and what solutions they are looking for. Thus, you can constantly improve and diversify your services to suit their demands.

5. Simplify the Booking Process

Facebook can help you offer your prospects a quick and simple way of booking a first meeting with you. First of all, you can add a button right below your cover photo. This button can be defined as:

  • Send Message (in the Facebook Messenger app)
  • Contact Us (this will take users to the online form on your website)
  • Book now.

Alternately, you can use lead ads that automatically fill in the user’s contact details when they click on it and agree to proceed. Both options are very convenient for the user, who does not need to spend time typing their contact information.