Digital Marketing Strategies for Vegan Businesses

digital marketing strategies

Veganism is a recent and powerful trend at global level. And many entrepreneurs start embracing this trend, either from personal conviction or because it makes business sense. In this article, we will show you how to create a solid digital marketing strategy for your vegan business.

The Landscape of Digital Marketing for Vegan Businesses

The main promoters of the vegan movements are influencers and they express their views on the social media. This means that you should also focus a significant part of your digital marketing strategy and budget on major social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are leading the race of giving vegan businesses advertising and promotional opportunities. From groups and pages to ads and private messaging platforms, these top three social media networks give you access to potential customers.

How Can You Create Effective Digital Marketing Strategies on the Social Media?

First of all, you must understand the specific of each social media platform. When you create your social media marketing strategy, you have to keep in mind that you need to create specific content for each network.

For instance, Twitter works as a sort of digital customer service platform, where users expect prompt answers to their questions. Instagram is all about visual content – photos and videos. As for Facebook, it offers one of the most user friendly advertising platforms.

But these generalities are not very helpful. So let us get into detail!

1. Know Your Hashtags and Use Them Wisely

Hashtags are very useful on Twitter and Instagram. They allow you to identify yourself as a vegan business and make your content more visible to users. Also, you can generate a lot of traffic by joining trending hashtags with your own take on events and situations.

Hashtags should double as your keywords for all your social media content. For some time now, Google includes major social media platforms in its search results and features them prominently.

2. Showcase Your Products in Mouth Watering Photos

Who said vegan products don’t look appetising? It is all about using the right light, finding the right angle and adding contrasting colours. Just look at the Instagram pages of other vegan businesses. Their photos and videos compete with mainstream products by major brands.

Visuals are extremely important on the social media. People see first and read secondly. Your best cruelty free story or most attractive offer will stand no chance if the images accompanying them do not draw attention and make people stop scrolling.

3. Attract Followers with Vegan Related Interests

Great digital marketing strategies for vegan businesses attract great prospects – those who are most likely to become customers. But how do you find them? The keyword “vegan” is not enough to help you find enough leads for your business.

Instead, consider all the likes and interests of vegan people. They are also passionate about animal rights, sustainable living, equal rights, climate change and other similar issues. With a series of ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you can create a thriving community on your page and generate a steady traffic to your website.

4. Partner with Influencers

A lot of influencers are vegans. We are not talking about unapproachable major celebrities, but Instagrammers and Youtubers who have tens of thousands of followers, or even more.

They are very enthusiastic about authentic vegan products and actively promote them to their followers. To win their trust, all you have to do is offer them samples of your products to try and review.

5. Know Your Audience Age Group and Address Them Accordingly

Last but not least, you should know that the drive force behind the vegan movement consists of young people. Millennials and Generation Z – people between 18 and 30 years old – are your most likely customers.

They are very tech savvy, use their smartphones for almost everything, from social media to paying for products and services and have high expectations from brands. They respond to micro-moments, interactive content and gamified experiences. Thus, successful digital marketing strategies for vegan businesses must include these elements, as well as a brand voice adapted to a young and dynamic audience.