A Quick Guide to Facebook Ads for General Contractors

Facebook ads for general contractors

General contractors play a key role in the successful completion of a new construction or the renovation of an existing one. This does not mean that they have an easy job finding clients. There are a lot of professionals offering their services, and clients are very selective. Our suggestion for specialists who struggle is to start using Facebook ads for general contractors.

Why Should You Advertise Your Services on Facebook?

Over the years, people changed the way they are looking for products or services. They no longer use the Yellow Pages or look in the local newspaper for ads. They no longer pay attention to TV and radio ads.

Instead, consumers use the social media as a search engine and validation tool for businesses. They want to make sure that they choose a product or service vouched for by other people – preferably their friends. And Facebook is the right place to find both: information and testimonials.

What Are the Advantages Facebook Ads for General Contractors?

If you are already running some form of online advertising, you may ask: what makes Facebook ads special? There are several benefits that we want to point out for you. These are:

  • Convenience and ease of use – the Facebook Ads Creator platform is intuitive and easy to use by anyone, without having any prior experience in creating and running ads;
  • Large user base – Facebook is the largest social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users;
  • Detailed audience targeting criteria – Facebook ads for general contractors can be finely targeted at people by geographical, demographic and behavioural criteria.

Ready to Start Running Your First Facebook Ads? Let’s Get Started!

Advertising on Facebook is effective if you use the right image and text, target the right people and set the right budget. In this quick guide to Facebook ads for general contractors, we will show you the basics to creating and running effective ad campaigns:

1. Start with a Compelling and Specific Giveaway

The first thing that comes in mind is to offer your prospects a free estimate, right? But that is what all your competitors offer as lead magnet. People are flooded with free estimates and no longer pay attention to this type of ads.

Instead, make your Facebook ads more specific. For example, offer them helpful advice such as:

  • The average timeline of a new construction/ remodelling project;
  • Helpful advice for dealing with the stress of a construction project;
  • Best practices for choosing a general contractor for their project.

2. Opt for Lead Ads to Schedule Initial Meetings with Prospects

A construction project cannot be negotiated online. It needs face to face meetings to get all the details and look over the plans. How can Facebook ads for general contractors help you in this respect?

The answer is lead ads – a specific and actionable type of ads where Facebook users can book a meeting in a few taps on their smartphone screen. Once they tap on the ad and agree to proceed, their basic contact details are pre-filled by Facebook. No effort means more meetings with prospects for you!

3. Win Your Prospects’ Trust with Educational Content

Not all the Facebook ads for general contractors must be about sales. Before you get a client, you must have a lead. Thus, you must show your prospects that they can trust you to handle their project.

To do this, your ads should include a content mix consisting of:

  • Case studies;
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients;
  • Thought leadership articles demonstrating your expertise.

4. Pick the Right Audience for Your Ads

Your advertising budget will take a nosedive if you do not show your ads to the right audience. First of all, you must choose Facebook users from your local area. In the Ad Creator platform, you can narrow down your search to neighbourhoods and streets.

Secondly, you want to address people who own a house or plan to build one. Also, you can target users by their income levels. However, you must remember that as you add more selection criteria, you will narrow the number of people who will see your ads.

5. Use Original Images, Not Stock Photos

The key element of Facebook ads for general contractors is the visuals. People will scroll your ads out of sight if their attention is not drawn by the image accompanying it. Thus, you should invest in your own photos/videos to use in promotional materials.

Stock photos are overused and they do not say anything about your specific business. Plus, there is a high probability that your competitors use the same image. This leads to confusion among your prospects. And this confusion may lead to your losing potential clients in favour of other general contractors.