Reasons Why Plastic Fabricators Need Facebook™

A laptop displaying Facebook

Facebook™ is a great social media network for various businesses that want to find new clients. But is it the right choice for a plastic fabrication company? After all, you do not sell consumer goods. You fabricate them, true, but for other companies that will eventually sell them on the retail market.

However, no matter what kind of business you are running, you interact with people. They are not individual consumers, but corporate buyers. But most of them have Facebook™ accounts. Actually, a survey found that 60% of the Australian population has such an account. Chances are, many of these people are your potential clients.

Doing Marketing on Facebook™ for B2B? Yes, It Works!

The proof that Facebook™ is a useful digital marketing tool for B2B businesses stands in the large number of such companies with an official page on the social network. In any industry or niche, you will find many names, from top players to smaller enterprises.

And they are not just maintaining the page for the sake of branding and public image. They are actively involved in finding leads and converting them. 

In this article, we won’t tell you what you should do on Facebook™ for your plastic fabrication business. Instead, we want you to be convinced that it is worth your time and money to conduct marketing on this social media platform.

Five reasons why your company needs Facebook™:

1. Retarget Website Visitors

Facebook™ is a great complimentary marketing tool to PPC advertising. Consider this scenario. Someone clicks on an AdWords ad and reaches your website. They browse a few pages and then leave the site without taking any action.

The same person, a few hours later or next day, logs on to their Facebook™ account and sees an ad from your business, offering them a useful ebook which will be delivered to their email address. Chances are, you’ve got a new lead.

And this is not the work of coincidence or good luck, but of the Facebook™ Pixel. This is a piece of code inserted in your website that tracks visitors and allows you to match them with their Facebook™ accounts and retarget them with ads. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

2. Build a Position of Thought Leadership

Visibility online is great. Visibility accompanied by authority is even greater. Chances are, between two plastic fabrication businesses, a purchasing manager will start pursuing business discussions with the one that shared an insightful and well documented article on Facebook™. If the topic is exactly what they are interested in, they will feel even more convinced that they found a supplier that fits the needs of the company they work for.

Facebook™ is a great forum to grow your position of authority in your industry. You have so many tools to achieve this: shared links, native posts, videos, Stories, and live video. With a careful content sharing mix, you can go from a company with little notoriety on the market, to a trusted source of information and professional services.

3. Boost Your Brand Image with Peer Influence

If you manage your Facebook™ page properly, chances are that many people will like it. Among these people, some of them are managers in your client companies, others are your peers from professional associations and others are academics with an interest in your industry.

All these people who like your page and interact with it will boost your brand image. It is a form of endorsement that has as much weight as a letter of recommendation or a testimonial on your website.

4. Take Your Customers on a Virtual Tour of Your Business

With live videos, you can showcase your strongest assets to potential customers from all over the country. They don’t have to leave their office to see how your company can handle their plastic fabrication project and to ask punctual questions. During your live video, you will see all the questions and comments made by viewers and can answer them on the spot.

5. Invest in Ads with a Proven Cost/Benefit Ratio

Facebook™ ads are very effective thanks to the highly detailed audience filtering system. You can target people by many criteria – demographic, behavioural, professional and even predictive. Thus, your ads will show to people who fit your buyer persona, thus increasing your chances to attract qualified leads at an affordable cost.