How to Use Social Media to Attract Visitors at Your Trade Show Booth

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Trade shows are important events for plastic fabrication companies and doing a social media promotion about it is one of the best things to do. During these events, they can demonstrate their work processes, meet potential clients and even conclude agreements with you. As you may guess, the more visitors you get at your booth, the more chances you have to grow your business. In this article, we will show you how to promote your participation at trade shows using social media.

The Importance of Promoting Your Trade Show Participation

As soon as you have decided to hire a booth at a trade show, you should also create a timeline for promoting your participation to clients and prospects. Consider the fact that you are addressing busy professionals – corporate buyers and purchasing managers among others. They need to know of your participation ahead of time in order to make time in the schedule to attend.

At the same time, you must take into account that many of your emails won’t be opened and your social media posts will pass under the radar. Thus, there is nothing wrong with repeating the information as much as possible and on all your marketing and communication channels.

Get Social Media on Your Side and Promote Your Trade Show Participation

So, how can you use social media to get more visitors coming to your trade show booth? Here are some simple and effective tips:

Before the Show

1. Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Event pages are extremely useful to promote trade shows and other business events. Once they discover the Event page, users can select that they are interested in or going to the event. They can also invite their friends to attend the event and share the Event page to their timeline.

This is a huge opportunity for your event to become known to a large audience – your client’s friends. A great proportion of them is also working as professionals – buyers or operations managers – and would be interested in your trade show participation.

2. Promote Your Participation in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great social media platform to promote the participation of your company at a trade show. You can share this information in three different ways:

  • On your personal timeline

  • On your company page

  • In various groups where you are a member.

At the same time, you can contribute insightful articles on LinkedIn Pulse and include a reference to the participation to the event.

3. Create a Teaser Video on YouTube

YouTube is the number one search engine for video content. YouTube videos are also featured prominently in Google search results. These are two powerful reasons to have a YouTube channel for your plastic fabrication company.

This is where you should post a short teaser video about your trade show participation. Feature images of your booth and interviews with your employees who will be present at the trade show and will greet guests.

During the Show

4. Share Videos and Photos on Facebook and Instagram

Show off the buzzing activity at your booth on Facebook and Instagram. Videos of tech demonstrations for visitors are among the most popular types of trade show content shared on social media.

At the same time, acknowledge visits from industry leaders and – as far as possible – ask them to give you a short interview or share a few impressions in a video.

5. Create a Special Twitter Hashtag

Twitter is the equivalent of the news agency for social media. This is the place where information spreads like wildfire. Help your visitors and followers share your trade show participation with a special hashtag created especially for the event.

Thus, participants or interested stakeholders can share photos, impressions, or even ask questions about upcoming tech demonstrations or Q&A sessions.

After the Show

Do not forget to acknowledge and thank all your visitors to your booth on social media and to round-up your event participants with a photo album, a video and/or a special blog post.