5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook™ Business Manager

facebook business manager

Facebook™ Business Manager is one of the most advanced tools any social media platform has created especially for brands and companies that use social media marketing. It creates a clear separation between the personal accounts of the people who work for the business and the business pages and assets that the company creates on Facebook™.

Although it has been around for some time now, there are many business owners and marketers who are still wary about using Facebook™ Business Manager. Probably, they see it as a pointless complication in their already busy daily schedule. The reality is exactly the opposite. Facebook™ Business Manager is meant to offer order, clarity and security to your social media marketing efforts.

How Does Facebook™ Business Manager Work?

Once you go to business.facebook.com, you can create a business account that will cover all the aspects of your social media marketing work:

  • Your Facebook™ ad account;
  • Your business pages;
  • The persons who have various roles on your pages;
  • The Facebook™ accounts of your clients that you manage as an ad agency.

Also, in Facebook™ Business Manager you have access to various functions and features that you do not get on the Page Manager panel via your personal account. For instance, you can offer your employees access to review user posts and comments on your Facebook™ page and to create posts, without having an Admin role (the right to change passwords, delete the page, access the ad budget, etc.).

At the same time, you can invite partners to be a part of your Facebook™ Business Manager account, using only their email address as identifier (they do not even have to have a personal Facebook™ account).

Last, but not least, you will be required to provide your business email address when you set up your Facebook™ Business Manager account and you will receive a unique ID. With this ID you can add yourself to your clients’ Page Manager panels as admin and manage them as per your contractual agreement.

Why Should You Sign Up for Facebook™ Business Manager?

1. The Sooner You Make the Transition, The Simpler It Is

Migrating many Facebook™ assets to Business Manager takes time and is complicated. It is much better to do it when you are the sole admin of a single business page and ad account. As your social media management team grows bigger, you can easily add your employees one by one and assign them adequate roles.

The same goes for ad agencies and marketers who manage various Facebook™ pages on behalf of their clients. Having a Facebook™ Business Manager account from the beginning of your activity will allow you to learn how to handle various accounts and add new clients without hassle.

2. Keep Your Personal and Professional Accounts Separate

A few years ago, using a personal Facebook™ personal account to manage your business page was the norm. Now it is not. As social media marketing becomes increasingly professional and specialised, you should avoid the risk that your clients may stumble upon your summer vacation photos or heated comments during a political debate.

3. Get Rid of the Grey Accounts

To circumvent the risk of getting their personal account mixed up with the business page, many page managers used to create a secondary, “grey” profile that was strictly for business. It is also strictly against Facebook™ rules to have two user accounts.

Recently, the social media network has deleted millions of fake or double accounts. While many of these were created by click farms, it is quite probably that some were grey accounts and that a number of business owners lost control of their Facebook™ pages and ad accounts. Why should you risk this?

4. Benefit from Better Technical Support

Whenever you report a technical error to Facebook™, the first question they ask is whether you have Business Manager account. This means that Facebook™ Business Manager users are prioritised over private users and that their issues will be dealt with by the most experienced members of the support team.

5. Enjoy Superior Security

Facebook™ Business Manager has several security features that are not available to private users. They are included in the Security Centre, where you can enforce two-factor authentication for all your employees who access the Business Manager account. At the same time, you can perform security audits for each client account you take on before you start managing their pages and ad accounts.