5 Types of Social Videos that Work Wonders for Any Business

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Everywhere you look on the web, you see a constant increase in video content. On blogs, on social media, on business forums and product websites – it is the same thing. And the trends are clear: video is a strong king of content and growing stronger by the day.

For instance, according to the recent State of Video Marketing 2019 report by Wyzowl, for 87% of marketers, video is an important part of their content plan. To complement this report, the 2019 Social Medial Marketing Industry Report revealed than more than half of marketers are planning to use video with the same frequency or even more than until now.

The same report indicated that marketers plan to increase their video sharing efforts on:

  • YouTube – 71%
  • Instagram – 69%
  • Facebook™ – 68%.

So far, we have shared various tips and tricks to help you create professional-looking video at affordable costs, using video editing software.

What Kind of Social Videos Should You Create?

Now it is time to focus on the topic of your social videos. What should you communicate with your followers in order to convert them into clients? Here, we can say that the more affordable video making became, the more the possibilities broadened.

However, analysis of analytical data made by many marketers indicated that the following types of social videos perform better than others:

1. How-To Videos

Tutorials in video format are among the most engaging and converting types of social videos. When people engage with brands, they want to solve various problems, first of all. Before you try to push a sale, it is indicated to offer a few free tips and tricks that help your followers do something related to your niche.

For example, before you start selling yoga mats and clothes to your prospects, start by showing them how to perform basic yoga moves, or how to arrange a small yoga corner in their tiny home,

2. Product Review Videos

For this type of social videos, it’s great to establish a partnership with an influencer in your niche. While you can get one of your employees to make a product review, it does not feel as authentic as when someone from outside of your company does it.

Please remember that in case you are using an influencer for product reviews videos, both your brand and the influencer must disclose the collaboration relationship in disclaimers on each video. This is mandatory for Instagram.

3. Live Event Videos

Live videos are very engaging, especially if they cover an interesting event. Whenever your brand organises or participates in an event (business convention, fair, etc.) you should broadcast live, selecting the most exciting moments of the event.

For instance, if you are a featured speaker, or host a contest at your stand for visitors, you should create live Facebook™ videos for these instances.

4. Behind the Scenes Videos

These social videos help all sorts of companies connect with consumers in a more direct manner. Businesses need to show the human side to their operations and they are embracing this type of video with great enthusiasm.

There is no more mystery about how products are made or great service performed. Videos showing the team at work, the facilities at the office and the process of creating and launching a product can be found on all social media platforms.

5. User-Generated Videos

We left the best for last. Whenever you can encourage your clients to leave a video review or demonstrate how easy it is to use your product, do it. There is no better form of advertising than a video testimonial, where there is no script, just a happy customer sharing their experience.