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Long Form Content vs. Short Form Content: Which One Is Better?

The evolution of the internet and the devices used to browse it changed the way content writers craft their articles. In the beginning, there was absolutely no difference between print and online articles. Now, we see a huge difference: in the layout and formatting, in the length of sentences and paragraph, even in the choice […]...
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How to Deal with Spammers on Your Business Facebook™ Group

Last week was absolutely crazy for Facebook™ groups. A massive spam attack hit many popular groups, with malicious users infiltrating and posting abusive and pornographic content. As a result, Facebook™ shut down several groups, before being aware of what was really going on. Now, they are working to restore these groups. Why are we discussing […]...
Social Marketing
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Small Businesses Will Increase Their Spend on Social Media Marketing, Recent Survey Finds

Social media marketing plays an ever-increasing role for businesses across the world and we are not just making a statement, but drawing conclusions from a recent survey conducted by The Manifest, a business news website in the USA. The authors of the survey wanted to know how small businesses use digital marketing channels to promote […]...
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Top Video Editing Software for Marketers

As we have stressed in many other articles, video is king of content. Thus, the natural question is: how can I create videos for my business? Do I have to pay filmmakers for every Facebook™ ad and promotional video? Big brands do that, because they afford it. For small and medium sized businesses and marketers […]...
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The Biggest Disclosures Made during Facebook™ F8 Event You Should Know Of

Facebook™ and its associated platforms – Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp – are about to change dramatically from the way we knew them. At least this is the biggest disclosure that Mark Zuckerberg made during the annual F8 event hosted by the Facebook™ team.   The upcoming changes will affect not only individual users but also […]...