Facebook™ Tips for the Beauty Niche

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Selling beauty is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. People are vain by nature, but in the last decade, the public image has become more important than ever. Social media gives every person the chance to be a star even for 5 minutes in a viral photo where good looks play a crucial role.

Apparently, then, beauty salons should be fully booked for months ahead by a throng of image-conscious loyal clients. But you know differently: competition lurks at every corner and it takes a lot of persuasions to get a person to step into your salon for the first time. And a positive first impression is no longer enough to win a loyal client – there are simply too many other salons trying to take away your hard-won customers.

Facebook™ – Your Main Marketing Channel in the 21st Century

Fortunately, your business has a strong ally in its efforts to stay successful. It is the same place where your clients go to show off their good looks: the social media – more precisely, Facebook™.

Social media marketing is the most frequently used and most effective marketing strategies for most of the industries – but especially for the beauty niche. The social media is the perfect environment to show off your team’s skills, find new customers and keep in touch with loyal clients.

People Use Facebook™ to Validate the Reputation of Brands

Looking at things from the customers’ perspective, Facebook™ is a great place to find recommendations for products and services. A Google search will only give them the names of brands and companies as an initial starting point. The next step is to find a business they can trust – and for this, people go to Facebook™.

Here, they can see how many of their friends liked the page of the respective company or used its services. They can read other clients’ comments and reviews. Then, they start interacting with the business page and, once they have sufficient positive proofs, they will try the products or services of the company.

So, how can you start finding new clients for your beauty salon on Facebook™?

1. Share Before/After Photos

Seeing is believing, especially in the beauty niche. When people decide to entrust their hair, eyebrows, beards or mustaches to a stylist, they need to feel confident in their expertise. And social media is the perfect place to show off your team’s talents.

Before/after photos are not only the best type of proof, better than any kind of advertising, they also have the potential to go viral. Once they start getting shared by a large number of your followers, the snowball effect will bring them to attend to other Facebook™ users, who may be persuaded to try your beauty salon. Also, you can use these photos as illustrations for your ads.

2. Create Special Deals for Your Facebook™ Fans

Facebook™ is not just a place to socialise with potential clients, but also to sell your services. After all, you are investing money in Facebook marketing (ads and boosted posts) and at some point, you want to see some real-life effects, not just likes and shares.

One of the best ways of bringing Facebook™ followers into your salon is to offer them special, exclusive deals. Create a promo code, for example, which your fans can use to book a session the salon for a discount. This will help you keep track of the actual number of new clients you’ve gained from the social media network.

3. Feature Your Team of Stylists

Social media is all about sharing human interest stories. This is the place where even top brands leave their stiff corporate upper lip and embrace a friendlier attitude. As a part of this strategy, companies go behind the scenes in their offices, workshops, and warehouses, introducing their staff to social media fans.

You should do the same – post photos and videos of your stylists, showing them at work and sharing their passion for their craft, in their own words. In this way, your potential clients will start relating to your team at a personal level, and this is the first step on the road to trusting your business.

4. Be Unique

So easy to say it, so hard to do it. Yet, your beauty salon must stand out from the other salons in your local area. You must give people a special reason to pick you from your competitors.

So, what makes your beauty salon unique? Do you cater to the younger generation and your team knows the latest trends in haircuts and beard styling? Is your salon a high-end place, where clients are pampered and receive luxury services? Do you promote a retro style and your salon looks like a step back in time? Any of these represents your unique selling proposition and they must be prominently featured in your Facebook posts and ads.

5. Link Your Instagram Account to Facebook™

Instagram is owned by Facebook and this makes it very easy for businesses to link their accounts. Once you do this, all your Instagram posts will be automatically shared on Facebook as well.

How does it help? First of all, Instagram offers you a wide range of filters and effects to improve your photos and make them stand out. Secondly, Instagram is a must-have social media network for all businesses selling visually appealing products (and this is exactly what the beauty industry does). Thirdly, you have the chance to reach new clients and create different promotions for your followers on the two social media networks.