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How to Write a Case Study for your Ecommerce Business

Case studies are one of the most persuasive types of content, almost on par with testimonials. They speak of how your products and services have actually helped real people solve their problems and achieve their desired results. They reinforce and confirm everything you say in your product descriptions and promotional materials. Writing a Case Study—Not […]...
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How to Fix a Failing Facebook™ Sales Funnel

Recent statistics show that Facebook™ still dominates the social media marketing world. However, looking closely at some of the findings, we realise a significant issue: 93% of businesses use Facebook™ for marketing, but only 49% of business owners consider that their Facebook™ campaigns are effective. Why is there such a discrepancy between these two numbers? […]...
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How to Target Website Visitors with Facebook™ Custom Audiences

Facebook™ advertising continues to lead as one of the most efficient and cost effective digital marketing strategies, even after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It had nothing to do with the businesses, marketers and brands that try to establish an open and honest relationship with consumers, and most Facebook™ users understood this. This is why you […]...
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How to Use Facebook™ Messenger for Customer Service

One of the first duties of any successful business owner is to make sure that they serve their customers promptly and accurately. Customer service is one of the core activities of any company, one which you cannot neglect. In the era of social media, your prospects and customers are less and less inclined to wait […]...