5 Actionable Social Media Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Actionable Social Media Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Actionable Social Media Tips for Busy EntrepreneursRunning your business is a complex, full-time activity–and with many overtime hours of work, as well. Between working on new products, keeping in touch with customers, and keeping all financial and legal documents in order, your daily schedule is full to the brim. But wait! You also have to set time aside to promote your business on the social media, through posts and ads.

The alternative is hiring an agency to take care of your marketing activity or resorting to expensive mediums, such as TV or large media websites. Of course, you cannot afford the expense, so, one way or another, you have to make time for social media promotion activities.

Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can achieve a lot in a relatively short time. Other busy entrepreneurs like you discovered these tips and were generous enough to share them. And today we will share them with you.

  1. Recycle Content

Creating content to share on social media is one of the most time-consuming marketing activities. There are days when you simply have no inspiration or creative vein. On other days, the inspiration is overflowing, but time is short. However, you must stick with your social media posting plan, otherwise you will start losing followers.

Here’s a simple tip for you: reuse and recycle content. Share your YouTube videos on Facebook™. Repost your most popular blog posts–especially those whose topics are connected to repeating events (such as the Easter celebration). This is not cheating: chances are that many of your more recent followers did not see the content when you first posted it.

  1. Share Interesting Articles or Videos

Are you reading or watching something interesting and with connections to your niche? Then let your followers enjoy the article or video as well. Your social media posting schedule does not have to include only content produced by you. Curated content is just as important: it shows your followers that you are truly passionate about your work and you stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

  1. Ask your Followers to Share their Opinion

It starts with a simple question, like “What do you think about…?” “What do you like in…?” These open questions will encourage your followers to share their views, interests and opinions. These answers keep your social media accounts active, create engagement, and something else, too:

your followers’ answers are a rich and free source of inspiration to create fresh content, to improve your products and services and to refine your marketing strategy. In this way, you do not have to lose time looking for the topic for your next blog post or video: your followers provide it for you.

  1. Encourage User Generated Content

Many top brands create viral posts in this way. They simply ask their followers to share their photos and videos while using their products. But not only that: brands encourage followers to share what they like, their hobbies, and their sources of inspiration, without direct connection with the product itself.

This type of post can create a lot of hype around a brand and help it reach new potential customers among your followers’ social media friends and through cross-platform posting.

  1. Schedule Posts that do not Depend on Specific Events

If you have a specific day of the week when you share an inspirational quote, for instance, you can schedule these posts for a month ahead. You are only required to post manually when an unexpected event or breaking news occurs and you need to share the post while the topic is relevant.

As your business grows and you start hiring people, you will be able to delegate some or all of these tasks to one of your employees. Until then, these actionable tips will help you save time without sacrificing your social media marketing strategy.