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Facebook Ads
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Top Ways to Lower Facebook™ Ad Spending

Facebook™ is still the leading and most effective social media platform for marketing. This means that there are many competitors bidding for the same prize: their ads showing on the newsfeeds of various audiences. In turn, this means that ad spending for social media campaigns is increasing from year to year. Some companies have already […]...
Online marketingSocial Marketing
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Simple yet Effective Growth Hacking Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business owner knows the meaning of the phrase ‘growing pains’. You probably spend lots of time thinking of ways to grow your business, move up to the next revenue threshold and reach new customers and new territories. Some of these strategies demand too much money, others take too much time. Meanwhile, you have […]...
Lead generation
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Key Features of a Great Customer Referral Programme

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Instead of wondering whether  product descriptions are accurate and fair, prospects can read the opinions of people who have actually purchased the product. It is even more believable if the respective customer is a friend of the prospect. This is, in a nutshell, how customer referral […]...
Social MarketingSocial Media
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Best Practices for Referral Marketing on Social Media

Referral marketing is the most effective form of marketing; social media is the best place to find leads for your business. So it is no wonder that referral marketing and social media have been brought together, creating a powerful marketing concept: social media referral marketing. How does social media referral marketing work? A traditional referral […]...
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How to Write Copy for Millennials

Millennials… every day more and more of them join the workforce and become target customers for all kinds of businesses. Some of them are still teenagers, but some of them are already in their 30s. They grew up with MTV, with CDs and video games, witnessed the birth of internet and the rise of mobile […]...
DesignWeb Design
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Best Practices in Landing Page Design for 2018

No matter in what direction your marketing strategy goes, there is only one direction your ads should take prospects: to a landing page. Landing pages are special web pages added to your website, where visitors are presented with an offer and prompted to take action. Landing page design is continually changing. For this reason, whenever […]...
AdvertisingFacebook Ads
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Ways to Stop Fake Clicks on Your Facebook™ Ads

Social media marketing is not at all cheap, but businesses don’t mind paying if they obtain the desired results. But that does not happen all the time, and the platform with the most disparate results between ad budget and ROI is Facebook™. This problem is caused by fake clicks. These clicks do not come from […]...
Social Marketing
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How to Set a Realistic Social Media Marketing Budget

Social media marketing strategies cost less than large-scale channel strategies such as outdoor banners and TV commercials. However, it is unlikely that your business will get anywhere with an inadequate budget. As competition for the same digital real estate has increased on the main social media platforms, so have the average costs to get your […]...