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Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses in 2018

If you are looking for an affordable and effective online marketing strategy, your answer is email marketing. While people may ignore social media ads and promoted posts, they always check their inbox at least once per day. For marketers and business owners, setting up and running an email marketing campaign takes less time and money […]...
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LinkedIn Native Videos: What Marketers Need to Know

For years, LinkedIn has been pretty conservative in the way it has allowed users to share content and interact with each other. Mostly, this attitude of the developers came from the desire to keep this platform professional, and to encourage meaningful conversations between business people, employers and employees. However, there comes a moment when professionals […]...
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Top Mobile Apps for Busy Digital Marketers

A digital marketer’s work cannot wait in stand by, even during a commute drive or as you get from one business meeting back to the office. You need to know whether your ad campaigns work or if your brand reputation is doing well in the online environment, and you need to know the latest trends […]...
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How to Improve Facebook™ Video Watch Time

The number one competitor to YouTube for video sharing is, undoubtedly, Facebook™. In fact, there are estimates made by various specialists that soon enough more than half of the entire internet traffic at global level will be taken up by videos. And why not? Videos are instructive or entertaining, and they allow even people who […]...