How to Make the Most of Facebook™ Event Targeting

How to Make the Most of Facebook Event Targeting

How to Make the Most of Facebook Event TargetingCustomer segmentation and targeting is the only way in which you can make sure that you spend your advertising money efficiently on social media ads. And as people become more and more resistant to ads, the social media platforms try to compensate this by helping marketers send their messages to the right users. After all, as long as you are happy with the results of the ads, you will keep paying for them. And the platforms will continue to make a profit.

Facebook™ is one of the most clever social media platforms from the point of view of creating advertising tools for businesses. They were the first to introduce ads. They were the first to let businesses create their ads within the platform. Today we will speak of a new and exciting way in which you can improve your ad targeting on Facebook™. We are talking about event targeting.

What Is Event Targeting?

Hosting an event – live on Facebook™ or offline – is a great way of connecting to prospects in a personal manner, showcasing your products, and maintaining a lively dialogue about topics related to your industry. Facebook™ users who indicate that they are interested in an event on its special page and who confirm attending it create a custom audience.

This audience can be specially targeted or excluded from targeting for your future ad campaigns. Here are a few ways in which event targeting will help you reach a higher ROI for your Facebook™ ads:

  1. Convert Users from “Interested” to “Going”

You know how it is: there is a throng of people who are interested in your event and only a few actually attend. This is one of the reasons why many small business owners are not very enthusiastic about creating a Facebook™ event page.

An ad targeting people who are “Interested” in your event can change this. A reminder that your event is approaching is sufficient in many cases. In truth, many people fail to show up at events because they forgot about it. A friend invited them to join, they tapped or clicked on “Interested” and then forgot about it.

  1. Promote a Product Featured during the Event

There is a new trend for product launches: opening the pre-orders a few days before the official launch. Usually, the offer is bundled up with free admittance to the event or other similar incentives.

Even if your event has free admittance, a sale campaign targeting people who announced that they are “Interested” in or Going” to the event will be successful. Some people are early adopters by nature, and want to be able to brag to their friends that they got the brand new product ahead of everyone else.

  1. Attract More Subscribers and Leads after the Event

A lead magnet offered to people who attended your event will be very effective for attracting more subscribers on your website. But you need to act fast, within the first one or two days after the event, while people still feel the excitement.

Events are great for promoting after-sales, especially if people have had the chance to test your product, see them in operation, and hear testimonials from other clients.

  1. Invite People to Your Next Event

Do not leave the attendance to your next event to chance. Find your custom audience from your past events and invite them to join the upcoming one, as well. Only your hardcore fans keep track of all your events. The greatest proportion of your followers are too busy with everyday life to notice all your events.

It is your responsibility to promote your events and now you have a brand new way of targeting Facebook™ users who are most likely to attend your events.

  1. Promote Ticket Sales

If your event is with paid attendance, using the custom event targeting option will be more effective at selling out your event than other types of ad targeting selections. This method is especially efficient if your past events were successful and the people who attended it enjoyed themselves.