How to Create Better Instagram Stories

How to Create Better Instagram Stories

How to Create Better Instagram StoriesThe world of social media has evolved tremendously, from simple text boxes and low-quality photos to hi-res video recordings and even live video sessions. Also, embarrassing examples from the past have taught people to embrace disappearing content, which remains live online for a short period of time, in favour of posts which are forever recorded and available for watching and sharing.

The combination of all of the above led to Instagram Stories being invented. Instagram Stories are 15-second-long videos which are available for 24 hours. Both private users and brands love Instagram Stories – so much that during the first year since the official launch in August 2016, over 250 million Instagram accounts created and shared this type of disappearing content.

The popularity of Instagram Stories poses a problem for creators: with so much content available, you have to work hard to make your own Stories stand out and attract a large audience. We can help you here: we have prepared a list of tips to make a great Instagram Story which your viewers will love, share and comment on.

Here they are:

  1. Make Your Text Stand Out with Various Effects

Unlike basic text posts, words included in Instagram Stories can be customised with a wide range of colours and fonts. This is a great opportunity for you to become creative and to brand your content with your specific logo colours.

At the same time, you can add other creative elements such as: drop shadow (creating the illusion that your text is in 3D) and various brush strokes (from simple pencil to Sharpie marker).

  1.  Share Looping GIFs with the Boomerang Mode

Once you tap the camera icon on your Instagram app screen, you can choose from various modes of creating Stories, and one of them is called Boomerang. This mode helps you create and share 3-second looping GIFs.

Animated GIFs have become extremely popular as memes, and a lot of brands use them (for before/after examples, for instance). Animated GIFs are short, to the point, and can convey your message in a simple, humorous and straightforward manner.

  1. Superzoom and Rule Instagram

Superzoom is a function of Instagram Stories which allows you to progressively zoom in and out of the image you are recording with one finger placed on the camera icon. What is more interesting, by adding sound to your video, you can create a crescendo, dramatic soundtrack when using the Superzoom mode.

Such an approach can be extremely effective when you want to draw attention to a special event or promotion with this type of video ad.

  1. Create Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion videos consist of a seamless juxtaposition of still frames which create the illusion of a video, just like the illusion created by flip book drawings. Stop motion videos are extremely popular among brands when they share work-in-progress or behind-the-scenes images of their products and launch events.

  1.  Use the Hands-Free Option

Although Instagram Stories cannot exceed 15 seconds in length, brands put a lot of effort into creating them. One of the most inconvenient aspects of recording a video for Instagram Stories is keeping your finger on the camera button at all times. That will restrict your freedom of movement, especially if you are filming yourself.

This is no longer the case: now you can swipe through the recording modes at the bottom of the screen and choose the Hands-Free mode. Thus, once you tapped on the Camera icon, you can record whatever you want and only press the button at the end of the video.

Last, but not least, remember not to abuse all the filters and stickers available in Instagram, no matter how tempting they look. Above all, your Instagram Stories must look professional and reflect your brand image and mission.