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Social Media
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Top Platform Changes That Changed Social Media in 2017

Looking back at 2017, we realise that the world has changed drastically for social media marketers. The pressure from individuals and regulatory bodies has forced social media platform owners to accept that they are responsible for the spreading of fake news like wildfire. Cyber bullying is another core issue that the social media should be […]...
Facebook Ads
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Why You Should Use Facebook™ Carousel Ads

Innovation is at the heart of progress. Do you remember the first online ads you created? There were so many technical restrictions and you had to be satisfied with bland text links and low-quality images. But now you can experiment with hi-res photos and superb videos, you can add user interactions and make your ads […]...
Social MarketingSocial Media
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How to Create Better Instagram Stories

The world of social media has evolved tremendously, from simple text boxes and low-quality photos to hi-res video recordings and even live video sessions. Also, embarrassing examples from the past have taught people to embrace disappearing content, which remains live online for a short period of time, in favour of posts which are forever recorded […]...
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How to Amp Up Your Ecommerce Copywriting Style

How do you take your ecommerce copywriting from “duh” to “wow”? Scaling your copywriting style and embracing the unique tone of your brand does not happen overnight. But it better happen fast if you want your ecommerce business to flourish. The core part of ecommerce copywriting is making people say: “I want this product!” Just […]...