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Social Media vs. Google vs. Banner Ads – Which Is the Most Effective?

Every marketer and business owner has one key expense under scrutiny all the time: the marketing budget. This is money spent to acquire new customers. Whether they reach a full return on investment or not depends on several factors: how many prospects they manage to attract, what type of trade offs (discounts, special offers) they […]...
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Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Today’s hottest trend is tomorrow’s old news. All the great content marketing strategies you have been applying so far are doomed to become ineffective one day. And by the way people’s demands and expectations evolve, that day may not be too far away. However, there is always something new to replace old marketing strategies. Just […]...
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5 Effective Strategies for Mobile Lead Generation

The current state of the internet world is simple: the largest proportion of traffic comes from mobile devices. As a direct consequence, your lead generation efforts must focus on this medium in a significant manner. And, as you might imagine, there are differences between desktop and mobile lead generation tactics. First of all, there are […]...