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How to Write Effective Copy for Mobile Sites and Apps

Mobile phones have effectively replaced computers for people who do not need to work with complex software requiring great computing power. Browsing the internet, watching movies and listening to music is now done with a mobile phone. And since we first mentioned browsing the internet, this activity includes many other end purposes: using the social […]...
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Key Statistics for Social Media Marketing in 2017

As 2017 is drawing to an end, it is time to draw the line and see what this year meant for businesses using social media to attract clients. It has certainly been a busy year, with lots of perks and challenges. Targeting and content strategy became more important than ever. Branding strategies became more refined […]...
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How to Use Memes to Promote Your Business

Memes existed before the internet age. They were just as popular in print as they are now on the computer or mobile screen. As a general definition, memes aggregate a cultural concept shared by many and can be easily used as a symbolic reference to a specific idea, state of mind or belief. You know […]...
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SEO & Facebook Need the Same Fuel

This guest blog from Simon Dell talks about why Facebook Ads & SEO work so well together If you’re reading this blog on the AdChief website, you don’t need to be convinced of the benefit of Facebook ads. When done right, the platform can deliver high quality, low cost traffic to your website that will […]...
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The Role of Emotion in Ad Copywriting

Shopping is not a rational decision, but one triggered by emotions. It does not matter if it is a piece of fancy jewellery, a sofa or a car, people have to desire a product in order to click on the Buy Now button. Many people buy items they do not really need, just because the […]...
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What You Need to Know About Instagram Business Account

For a long time, Instagram has remained “business neutral”, offering only the possibility of adding a verified check mark to public personalities’ profiles. But now businesses can label themselves as such, as their owners can switch from a personal to a business profile. This may sound like exciting news, but you need to be aware […]...