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5 Tips to Creating a Company LinkedIn Profile that Generates Leads

LinkedIn is the one of the highest performing lead generation sources for B2B and also performs well in the B2C sector. The nature of this network is the key explanation for this level of performance: people who create LinkedIn profiles are looking for employment or business opportunities. Also they tend to vest more trust into […]...
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How to Analyse Your Competitors’ Websites

Any savvy business owner knows that it is not enough to do their best – they also need to see what their competitors are doing. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found in the way other players in your niche attract clients, create sales funnels, and design and maintain their websites and their […]...
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5 Tips For Writing Great Press Releases

Before the internet and the social media, press releases where the only way in which companies could share their news with the general public. The press releases would be sent to major newspapers and printed in a special section. Right now, any business, large or small, can share their updates and developments on their website […]...
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How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Marketing Strategy

Have you heard of PR Mary, IT Jake and Paralegal Suzie? They are all buyer personas – prototypes of a specific customer group for a specific product. Buyer personas are needed in marketing in order to have a deep understanding of the audience you are addressing, to tailor your tone of voice and messages to […]...
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Best Practices for Generating Testimonials on the Social Media

Testimonials are, without a doubt, the best form of promotion. They are the digital era version of word of mouth and are incredibly effective in building customer trust. One single positive review from a happy customer is worth hundreds of pieces of content where you talk about your own products. This being the case, a […]...
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How to Write an Advertorial That Doesn’t Look Like an Ad

Advertorials are, probably, the first form of native advertising. The first advertorials appeared in magazines and newspapers, before the age of internet. To define an advertorial, it is a piece of promotional content which looks and reads like actual articles usually published in the respective magazine. Thus, writing an advertorial requires both editorial skills and […]...
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The Best Fonts for Ecommerce

When we are discussing written messages, the two key components which define their success are the substance (meaning) and the form (the visual presentation). We have been discussing the substance of your marketing messages for some time now. Today we will focus on the form – namely, the fonts that you use for your ecommerce […]...