How to Use the New Facebook™ Events App to Promote Your Business

How to Use the New Facebook™ Events App to Promote Your Business

How to Use the New Facebook™ Events App to Promote Your BusinessThe Facebook™ powerhouse is seeking new ways to keep its users engaged and in close contact with their smartphones. The social media platform has set a clear trend in recent years – and that is towards the mobile environment. And the way in which Facebook™ chose to evolve is by detaching its core components and creating separate apps for them. The first move in this direction was by launching the Messenger app, followed by the Page Manager app. People who want to communicate by direct private messaging now have a distinct platform to do so, away from the distractions of Newsfeed notifications.

Recently, the team led by Mark Zuckerberg has decided to turn yet another Facebook™ feature into an app: the Events section. Currently, the Events app is available for iPhones, but an Android version is also under development. The reason to separate Events from the main Facebook™ app was that with a daily number of users exceeding 100 million, it was the right moment to give them a brand new experience in browsing for events and keeping track of the events they are interested in.

What Is New in the Facebook™ Events App?

The Events mobile app has a completely new design, organised as a calendar where users can keep track of the events they want to attend, making it easier to avoid time conflicts. At the same time, they will receive notifications of events their friends are interested in and even suggestions based on location and time.

This means that Facebook™ mobile users are now exposed to a significantly greater percentage of events than in the desktop version. At the same time, the new Events app offers integration and syncing with Google Calendar and other third party online calendars.

What does this means for marketers and business owners? For certain, it is one more way in which they can promote their businesses for free – and this is a valuable thing in an era when organic reach is fairly dead. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your events for the new Events app:

  1. Pay More Attention Than Ever to Images

People’s Events app will look fairly crowded once they start importing events from other calendars. This means that they will have an even shorter attention span and they will be more selective about the events they are planning to attend. A vividly coloured and suggestive image promoting your event is the difference between having a large attendance and a small one.

  1. Target By Location as Specifically as Possible

The new app will offer suggestions to Facebook™ users based on their local area. This means that you may miss the chance of attracting the attention of many potential attendees and future customers simply by not using geolocation properly. Remember that local events are the life and heart of communities, and one of the best ways of nurturing leads. Thus, always use the Facebook™ location suggestions when setting up your event.

Using the correct location will work in even more ways towards adding up to your final event attendance. As soon as a user has tapped on “Interested”, their choice will show up on their friends’ Event app page.

  1. Post Updates and Reminders

Since the new Events app is structured like a calendar, it is advisable to share updates and reminders which will be displayed to everyone who is interested in your event. This will not only keep them interested and increase their chances of attendance, but it will prompt them to share the events with their friends.

  1. Pick Your Description Carefully

One of the new changes in the Facebook™ Events app is that users will receive event suggestions based on their interests. This means that you need to pick your keywords in the title and description of your event very carefully. Extra tip: use the list of interests of your page fans and Custom Audience for ads as a base for creating your event description.

  1. Encourage Word of Mouth

Do not be shy to ask your fans and people who plan to attend your event to spread the word. If necessary, create a small contest within the event with a small but significant prize for attendees who bring more friends with them.

As the Events app is restricted to iPhones, you will not have access to the entire potential audience at the beginning, but do not be discouraged. Once the Android app is launched, Facebook™ Events will unleash its full power for all business owners and marketers.