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How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

So far, we have discussed in depth about creating a consistent brand strategy for your company across the social media platforms. However, there are certain businesses whose core asset is a person’s specific expertise and set of skills. In this case, the person is the brand itself and the business is indistinguishable from the person. […]...
Social MarketingSocial Media
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Pros and Cons of Sending Automated Direct Messages on Social Media

One of the first exciting ways in which people could connect with each other in the online environment was through direct messaging services such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger and various chat rooms. This was an amazing way in which people from across the globe could get to know each other, establish friendships and even romantic […]...
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How to Generate Leads through Smart Social Monitoring

We have discussed amply on various lead generation strategies and campaigns, and if we still approach this topic it is because this is the bloodline of any company in the current economic and socio-demographic environment. People use the social media for far more than just socialising with their friends – for finding information, asking recommendations […]...
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How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook™ Page Hacked

Online security is very important, both for individuals and for companies. Social media security – the more so. Without exaggerations, social media accounts are an extension of our identities, the way we connect with so many people and businesses, and there is no telling how much our online reputation would have to suffer should we […]...
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How to Effectively A/B Test Facebook™ Ad Campaigns

Most companies have one issue in common: they have to make do with a small advertising budget. This is true not just for start-ups or home-based businesses, but also for small- and medium-sized enterprises. To be frank, there is a huge spending power gap between large companies and everyone else. This means that marketing managers […]...
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Top Content Marketing Examples to Learn From

One of the best ways of specialising in any field or industry is by analysing what the true professionals are doing – how they work, what inspires them and what types of results they produce. In dissecting successful projects and iconic breakthroughs, we can begin to understand the anatomy of talent combined with hard work […]...