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How to Integrate Social Media into Your Lead Nurturing Efforts

Lead nurturing is all about building trust and a direct rapport with people, and giving them the reasons they need to become your customers. In a nutshell, lead nurturing represents every type of marketing and engagement activity you perform to attract people’s attention, raise their interest, create a desire for your products and services, and […]...
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5 Effective Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting is among the most efficient ways for entrepreneurs and specialists to build their reputation as experts, to gain exposure towards a large audience and to attract new customers for their business. When you guest blog, you are not paid for the articles you contribute, but receive something equally, if not more, valuable: the […]...
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Steps to Building a Profitable Social Media Sales Funnel

There are three types of people who are browsing your website: the browsers, the researchers and the buyers. The browsers are just looking, out of curiosity, without a defined interest or need for your products. The researchers need and want products like the ones you are selling, but keep their options open between different providers. […]...
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5 Free Visual Tools to Create Stunning Social Media Images

Managing your social media marketing activities involves creating various types of content. As we have discussed in previous articles, visual content performs better than plain text or links. It is something that has to do with the way our brains are made up – allowing us to understand messages transmitted through the visual channel faster […]...
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What You Need to Know about Facebook™ Branded Content

Facebook™ seeks increasingly to make itself a friendly platform for brands and thought leaders. It does this by allowing them to create and share content in formats attractive to readers and easily recognisable as belonging to a business or professional. The latest form of such content is Facebook™ branded content. What Is Facebook™ Branded Content […]...
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How to Effectively Plan Your Facebook™ Holiday Campaign

The holidays are just around the corner and every marketer and business owner knows this is the perfect time of the year for great sales and increased customer engagement. Nobody wants to spend their vacation time working on social media campaigns, though. It goes without saying that these campaigns should be scheduled ahead of time. […]...
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How to Nurture Leads with Facebook™ Ads

Lead generation is, to marketing and sales, what a dashing knight marrying a beautiful princess is, to fairytales. Without this all-important element, you will develop huge holes in your advertising budget, diminished website traffic, and precisely zero sales. You’ll be wasting all your time, bringing in disinterested clientele, and paying for clicks on ads that […]...
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5 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing

Marketing has become a more personalised experience than ever before. Consumer tastes have changed. Everyone is online, and they’re all far too smart for old tricks and pandering advertising. They want an experience, built right into their social media. Businesses trying to make a meaningful connection with their clientele have had to adapt their thinking […]...
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How to Develop Effective B2B Social Media Content

It’s no closely guarded secret that a strong social media presence is crucial to a powerful all-round business plan. It’s a brave new world for brands hoping to make inroads with other businesses on a B2B level. Cold calling, business breakfasts, and traditional networking are now only part of a complete package. Social media has […]...