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How to Generate More Sales for Your Ecommerce Website with Facebook

Setting up an online store is one of the simplest ways to run a business these days. The costs are affordable for all entrepreneurs and it is extremely convenient for people to find and buy products they need quickly and easily from their smartphones or computer. However, being such a popular business model, the internet […]...
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Analyse Your Social Media Competitors the Right Way with These 5 Tools

There is a saying in the English language: keeping up with the Joneses. This means striving to keep the same high living standard as your neighbours and not lagging behind with the fashion sense. It’s the soft definition of snobbery, but there is one positive note which transferred from people’s lives to business practices. It […]...
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What Businesses Need to Know About Facebook Live

You may have noticed recently as you were scrolling your Facebook Timeline that a recognisable thought leader is live. Pushed by curiosity, you clicked on the notification and, indeed, that person was speaking live to their Facebook audience, interacting with them and answering questions. This is Facebook Live, the latest feature launched by arguably the […]...
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4 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Small business owners have a lot on their plate to deal with: developing and promoting products and services, finding and keeping clients, accounting matters, and so on. It is excusable then that every once in a while you make a mistake here and there. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes happen even in large companies with […]...
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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Advertise on a Budget

Small businesses have a hard time surviving in a highly competitive environment. Most of them are a one-man show, and it is extremely hard for just one person to manage daily operations, develop products, attract new customers and keep them loyal. One of the biggest challenges for the small entrepreneur is advertising efficiently on a […]...