Intelligent Social Ads

This plugin makes advertising on Facebook easier for you. It's job is to connect Facebook with your website as easily as possible.

While you could install the Facebook pixel or make posts for ads manually, that's not all the work that has to be done with marketing to people who visit your website.

The Problem

Just installing the pixel manually will collect everyone who visits your website (as does the plugin).  If you're creating ads and sending people there as well, you also need to track everyone you send.  Did they buy, opt in, abandoned the cart?  How do you know if all the people you're paying to visit your site are even making it to your landing page? 

If you or your webmaster are only installing the Facebook default pixel, it can't help you do all that, you need to add custom tracking events to report back to Facebook.  That's the job of this plugin.  C0mbined with our Google Chrome Extension, it does all the manual work for you.  Without them, you or your webmaster will need to access the backend of all the pages on your site that people visit and manually place the tracking codes. That'll cost you time or money.

What's more, you need to know what type of tracking codes to place on each page.  With the extension, all you have to do is tell it what type of page you're sending people to (eg blog post, thank you page) and it will do the right ones.

You will also need to create an audience of the people you're sending to your site.  Let's say you want to exclude everyone who's visited your page so you don't keep advertising to them.  That involves more ad account work to setup.  The plugin and extension do it all in a couple of mouse clicks.

It will access the backend of your Facebook Ad Account (with your permission), extract the pixel, and place it on every page of your website and all the ones you create in the future.

What Do You Have to Do?

Step 1: The first step to creating awesome Facebook ad campaigns is to get this plug in installed in your website.

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If you don't have wordpress, or you don't want to install another plugin, click the button below to generate plugin html.

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Insert the script it generates, directly into the <head> of your whole site (or get your webmaster to). Once installed, it will place your Facebook Ad account tracking pixel on every page of your wordpress site.  It will not be activated until you authorise it though.

Step 2: (wordpress plugin only) To activate the WordPress Plugin, you need to make a 6 digit authorisation code. Register your website and authorise Facebook to send the pixel here:

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Step 3: (wordpress plugin only) In the menu of your wordpress backend, you now have a item called Ads Connector.  Paste the 6 Digit Authorisation Code there and Save.

Step 4: Do you want to populate your ad post with meta data from the page you're promoting? Install our Google Chrome Extension.  

It will create an editable mockup post with your Page title, first paragraph and image from the page.  It does the time consuming work to create ads, plus you can modify, add, delete as you wish. When you're finished, it will create a Dark Post (unpublished post) in your Facebook Ad Account.

If you're not confident in wordpress plugins, then just follow this video on how to get it installed in the back end of your website.  If you're still not confident, send your website developer to this page.

Once you have done this step, follow the Authorise Plugin link below and complete the rest of the tech set up.

See you on the other side!