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Our $2million (per year) Facebook ad spend experience puts your
ads in front of your highly targeted audience in breakneck speed!

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Anyone NOT using AdChief will be left behind wondering how the heck you’re doing it!
Here’s the advantage you’ve been waiting for!

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Facebook Ads

Don’t get sucked into a $3,000-$5,000 per month deal with an agency! (Sorry ‘Agency people’, but times-are chang’n). Now, you can have unlimited Facebook ads for only $199 per month! I kid you not!
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Let Us Do The
‘Hard’ Work

Look, you’re already busy enough, right? So let us (not you) deal with the ever-ending changes Facebook make. You (or your team) won’t need to get “stuck” in the backend of Power-Editor ever again! You can thank us later…
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BOOM! Can It
Get Any Easier?

You won’t even need to log into Facebook power editor to place your ads! Amazing, right? Simply go to whatever page you want to drive traffic to, click the AdChief Chrome extension, tell us what you want to say, and we’ll do the rest!
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Stick It To Your

Test different designs, headlines, content, and see what works. A/B test your ideas to increase conversions.I bet you were super competitive at school, right? Thought so. Well, here’s the good news. AdChief gives you the “unfair advantage” you’ve always wanted, by saving you mountains of money and allowing you to intelligently dominate your market FAST!
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007 Intelligence

Shhhhh… Lean in closer… When you join our secret-service, AdChief gives you “Big Brother” intelligent stats about your perfect customer, audience, and ad results with pinpoint accuracy, all on your easy-to-view personalised dashboard!
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DON’T Lie!

You’re smart enough to know that “opinions” and “guesstimates” are a dangerous game for entrepreneurs like yourself. By applying AdChief’s intelligence process to your ads you will quickly gain an actual cost per acquisition for your digital customers, helping you make intelligent marketing decisions.
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Ever wished you could have a FB expert tell you EXACTLY what to do and when to do it? What’s that? You have? Cool. Coz that’s what our team do for you. We prompt you in REAL TIME with suggestions on how to optimise your ads!
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Over $1 Million

You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing our team have managed over 78 accounts across dozens of different industries with over $1million (per year) of ad spend experience… So yeah… We’re kind of a big deal! And you’re in the best hands!
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Stop Thinking,
Start Implementing

Don’t waste another dollar LEARNING about FB ads, coz FB will probably change before you finish the course. The problem isn’t information…. The problem is lack of implementation. AdChief lets you implement FB ads at breakneck speed!

Don’t waste any more money on unintelligent Facebook ads

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How it Works

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Tell us where
to send people

Submit your ads via our Chrome extension

We apply our

Our team implements your ads

You count
your customers

We’’ll find more like them
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have had a few questions in our time, but we want to know more about how we can help YOU. So if your queries aren't answered below, please drop us a line at


Ad Chief is for any business wanting to market on social media via Facebook but are not sure where to start….Or took one look at the back-end of Facebook Ads Manager and are totally overwhelmed and need a good lie down.

You will need a product you want to sell, a website to drive traffic to, and blogs are great to entice and educate your audience about your business and your product if you have them too.  Considering this is Facebook advertising you’ll also need to have a Facebook page and a Facebook Ad account.


Having a desire to understand who your customer really is, and the openness to adjust your offerings if needed will not only make the whole process fun and profitable, but will improve your business by leaps and bounds over your competitors.

We have invested a lot of time and energy systematising our processes and training our staff to ensure AdChief works hard for you.  Our back-end social intelligence programming takes care of all the technical stuff, which quite frankly would take too long to explain and bore the pants off you.  We’ll keep it brief.


All you need to do is  know where you want to drive traffic to and what you want to say to people to get them there.  If you start asking us to do stuff that’s out of scope of what we offer, we’ll let you know and even point you in the direction of some people who can help you.  Click here for more information.

In a nutshell, no.  You pay a monthly fee and can opt-out any time.  If you decide it’s not for you we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Which is basically a 30 day cooling off period. So you can be sure you’re going to get your value. Some terms and conditions apply (naturally – but nothing weird!)

You will subscribe to a monthly payment via your credit card or paypal account.

Once you have approved your ad it will take us 24 hours to upload it (except weekends).

If you think your ad stinks send us a message and we’ll take it down/fix it/whatever you need.  Remember you can submit unlimited ads in any given month so one stinker is not a problem.

Nope, we do all that nerdy stuff for you.   Just give us your direction and tell us where you want to drive traffic to.

Yes you can, but each subscription is linked to one ad account. one website, and one facebook page, so you will need to pay for each new one.

Eventually. Yes, if you want to. But you can only have one ad account linked to each subscription.

Yes we will definitely have an affiliate program, so you can make money out of telling people how awesome this is! It’s coming, register your interest here and we will keep you in the loop for launch date.

One Facebook Page and one website are covered.



Unlimited Facebook Ads In Minutes! You Talk. We Do The Rest.

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Our $1million (per year) Facebook ad spend experience puts your
ads in front of your highly targeted audience in breakneck speed!

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The Cons Of
Facebook Ads

Learning Facebook takes time and effort and when you finally get it, it changes again.  Plus if you’re not efficient at it, you can blow through your cash really easily and still be no closer to your objective.
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Let Us Do The
‘Hard’ Work

Our team of Advertising Chiefs know FB so you don’t have to. We have put our expertise into developing a strategic advertising system that makes it simple, cheap and effective to advertise on FB
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Can It
Get Any Easier?

Right now, you are only 3 steps away from a profitable Facebook campaign. We've tried and tested so you can get started with the best foot forward.

Choosing A Recipe

You can use our recipes, alter them or provide your own..

The easiest option is to just choose a recipe, provide the ingredients we need and we will take care of the rest. You don’t even have to look at the recipe.

At a more advanced level, you can alter the recipe or formulate your own recipe. You may be a marketer yourself and have a specific plan for your clients. You plan and we implement for less than the cost of doing it yourself.

Generate Leads

You sell best when you have contact with people.  The aim of this recipe is to find a hero article to attract people and also align them with your purpose.  Anyone who is attracted is sent to a lead magnet.  If they’re interested but didn’t leave detail, we nurture them some more and try again for the lead.

Sell A Service

You need people to have faith that you can deliver great value for them.  You want them to chase you instead of you chasing them.  This recipe is designed to align people that you are the authority in your service, that you know what their problems are and can solve them.  It begins with attracting your target market, and nurturing them to know, like and trust you before going in for the sell.

Bums On Seats

You’re holding a seminar, webinar, workshop, festival, open day, or any event where you want people to attend.  We use a two pronged attack and start as far out from the event as possible. First we aim to convert anyone who would have attended the moment they heard about it. For the rest we aim to attract, nurture, and convert with a series of posts “designed to build up their desire to participate.

Sell A Product

The premise of this recipe is that some people are ready to buy your product right now and the rest you’ll collect and keep in their minds until they’re ready.  Most important is dynamically targeting people based on their buying behaviour so we can put the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Install an App

There are millions of apps in the appstores now and you need yours to be seen.  Follow this recipe to reach the type of people who want and need your new your baby, plus use the ones who do to find more like them.  Make sure you have the Facebook SDK installed.

Build Awareness

You want to align people with your purpose, but you’re not quite ready to sell.  By creating awareness, this recipe will attract people to you so you’re not launching to an empty room.


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Don’t waste any more money on unintelligent Facebook ads

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